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In visiting and experiencing my world I have created new realities in my work, opening up new possibilities outside the expected.


Within my work, I am creating my personal interpretation of city walls and the interplay of humans within these structures through paper, paint, and metal. Cities are constantly changing their blueprint. Structures are torn down and new ones are built, creating new skylines. The process of creating this juncture between earth and sky is reflected in my work. I build texture with my brush and using various tools. Using these various tools allows for me to create surprising texture and marks. My process works on a conscious and subconscious level, ultimately leading me to the finished piece.

The different shapes and textures that come out of this process draw the viewer to make their own interpretations and conclusions, with each viewer seeing a unique vision. Familiar objects and symbols are used in an abstract manner, but not in the way most people see them used in their everyday world.

The figures within these paintings seem trapped or alienated. They are surrounded by images of crumbling landscapes. The landscapes serve as immovable points in my collages and contrast with the vibrant color and movement, emphasizing the idea that loneliness and isolation are part of the human condition.


Educated at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York earning her BFA, Hill has been exhibiting her work since 1982. Her mixed media paintings have appeared in international and national exhibitions in the United States and Canada.

In 2014, her mixed media painting “Anchored To You” was chosen by Righteous Babe records and the singer Ani DiFranco to be the cover of her cd, “Ridgefield Connecticut – November 18, 2009.”


Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club
Collage Artists of America
National Collage Society
New York State Mark Program Arts Recipient
Buffalo Society of Artists
Artists Group Gallery


Brooklyn Library
Kent State University Art Collection
Damon Morey Law Firm, Buffalo
Key Bank, Buffalo


Masters/Collage book published by Sterling Press
Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine
Buffalo Evening News
Kolaj Magazine
The Public


Artists Group Gallery
Art Dialogue Gallery

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